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The Doctor Is In!

A place for all NSFW doctor who fanart! we’re just starting out, but so far so good.

Prydonians ( for halloween)

This blog seems pretty empty as of late, but I’m submitting anyway!  I’m Lucia.  I run a primarily Doctor Who blog (like 95% Doctor Who), both Classic and New.  I also make gifs of Classic Who. 

Theta Sigma

Intresting and unusual Who art, both new and found, and just enough science and history to make Ian and Barbara smile.

My musings on Doctor Who related stuff and live blogging of Doctor Who episodes (both NuWho and the Classic series).

I Need A Doctor: The Unauthorised Whosical Adventure

A blog about our doctor who musical, premiering at Edinburgh Fringe next month. See photos, hear the songs and purchase tickets.

Come along, Pond.

Doctor Who, Sherlock, supernatural, etc (but mostly the first and second).  Will definitely follow back similar and would love to chat if you’re up for it!


Whovianhugs is a new tumblr dedicated to the doctor who fandom itself! Submit a “hug” (compliment) to the blog to let your favorite whovian know how much you appreciate them! Spreading love around the whovian community since 4/24/13! :)

The Companion’s Diary of Alyson “Alys” Reed

"The Doctor invited me down the rabbit hole…into his Wonderland. These are my memories of that Wonderland."

Set between “The Snowmen” and “The Bells of Saint John,” this diary-style Doctor Who fanfiction tells the story of Alyson “Alys” Reed, a young American bookworm and library science student, who not only saves The Doctor’s life, but also knows who he is before she meets him, due to being involved in an online community devoted to news about and discussion of him. Alys is a kind, strong and confident girl with a big imagination, but can she win over The Doctor when he’s still devastated about the Ponds and secretly obsessed with the impossible Clara?